Polish Your Bar Skills at Finnishing School!

Bartenders looking for expert instruction on mixing the perfect Caipiroska, Cosmo, Mojito or Martini or using the perfect fresh ingredients will have a chance to learn from two of the world’s best known mixologists; Dale DeGroff and Tony Abou-Ganim at a one-day course offered around the world — teaching bartenders and consumers how to create the perfect cocktail with the freshest ingredients. This popular event is part of Finlandia Vodka’s Finnishing School—a vodka education class that provides professional bartenders with a competitive vodka tasting, history of the cocktail, tips and tricks on the tastes and qualities of premium vodkas.

Finnishing School Schedule:

  • March 12th Denver , CO
  • Mar 26th: Columbus, Ohio
  • April 2nd: Toronto, CANADA
  • April 9th: New Jersey
  • June 11th, NY Bar Show

For more information, contact Kim Charney, 502-774-7291
or email Kim_Charney@b-f.com


"I can also personally speak to the contributions that Finlandia vodka is making to train bartenders around the country with their Finnishing School programs."
– Tony Abou-Ganim


“The cocktail bar business is going through a renaissance right now that has not been seen in decades… It’s an exciting time to be in the cocktail business and competitions like the Finlandia Vodka Cup will undoubtedly bring some new and unique recipes to the world.”
– Dale DeGroff

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