Meeting the B.A.R. In NYC

Beverage Alcohol Resource (BAR) held it’s week long bar training session last month in NYC attracting aspiring mixologists from as far away as Las Vegas, Japan, and Italy. Designed by six of the leading spirits and cocktail professionals in the world, The B.A.R. course is a comprehensive five-day bar training program stressing an educated and responsible approach to beverage alcohol products. Led by Dale DeGroff, Doug Frost, Steve Olsen, Paul Pacult , Andy Seymore, and David Wondrich, these innovative seminars are attended by industry professionals, journalists, and aspiring culinary students. At the end of the session students are given performance and written exams to test their skills and knowledge. Pictured here is Aisha Sharpe trying her hand at a flaming Blue Blazer, a turn of the century drink created by Professor Jerry Thomas, one of the first great pioneers of the bartending profession. Also shown: author and cocktail historian David Wondrich demonstrating to students the methods used for preparing these pyrotechnical cocktails; Bottom photo: Lauren Martin takes a turn at one of several service bars where students’ skills are tested with challenges such as creating an original well balanced cocktail using a combination of ingredients specified on the spot.

Beverage Alcohol Resource also offers customized one day programs to beverage alcohol companies who are looking to bolster the knowledge of internal staff or reward key accounts. The next four-day training session will be held on Sept 24-28 ’07. For more information, call 845-895-1922 or visit:

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