Worldwide Bartender Database

Our good friend Gary Regan passes this along, a great idea useful to bartenders everywhere:

Since tending bar is no longer merely a job that young folk do "to pay the rent until I become a major Broadway star," the men and women who hold forth from behind the mahogany are actively seeking to maximize their positions, and to turn their jobs into viable careers.

At the same time, marketers in the distilled spirits industry are looking for masters of the bartender’s craft to help create stylish 21st-Century cocktails, organize parties and events, and advise them on how best to connect with the retail side of the business, as well as with consumers.

Enter The Worldwide Bartender Bulletin.

This year-old (in May) weekly bulletin is the brainchild of the guys at, a web site founded in 1999 that’s hosted by Gary Regan and Mardee Haidin Regan, authors of The Joy of Mixology and The Bartender’s Best Friend, respectively.

Jonathan Pogash, editor-in-chief of the bulletin, works with the Regans on a variety of projects, and as a young professional bartender in his other career he know what problems bartenders face in 2008. "I think that the bulletin is much needed right now," says Pogash. "Bartenders are always looking for new opportunities, and that’s exactly what we’re bringing to them in the bulletin."

The Worldwide Bartender Bulletin goes out via email to almost 1,000 bartenders, bar managers, and other hospitality industry professionals every week. Subscription to this service is free to bone fide hospitality industry professionals, and the bulletin brings its subscribers together with spirits companies looking to hire Brand Ambassadors, marketers who need the best of the best to create new cocktails, and it lets bartenders know about cocktail competitions, and myriad other opportunities for bar professionals.

"Bartenders are the best brand ambassadors liquor companies could hope for," says Gary Regan. "It’s only natural for marketers to reach out to the bartending community, and our database is obviously the best tool available to help them make contact with the cream of the crop."

Learn more about both the database and the bulletin here.

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