World Cocktail Week reminder

World Cocktail Celebration!
Mixologists to present their best cocktails to benefit Cocktail Museum in New Orleans.

World Cocktail Week (WCW) is a project of The Museum of the American Cocktail® and was established to celebrate the rich history of the cocktail and recognize the craft and skill of the bartenders who have been mixing them for over 200 years. Celebrating WCW (May 8 – 13th) is a great way to bring attention to the best bars in the country and support The Museum of the American Cocktail® which will open this July in New Orleans, with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday July 21st.

World Cocktail Week will be celebrated this year by top mixologists in Sydney, Boston, Las Vegas; Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Washington D.C. Participating venues will be holding their celebrations on specific days between May 8th and the 13th. Please check our website where specifics on all events will be listed.

Events include celebrations in New Orleans on May 13 at Café Adelaide at the Loew’s Hotel, with a public reception from 5:30 – 7:30 staged by ten of New Orleans’ finest bars. In New York on May 12th, Employees Only will commemorate World Cocktail Week by featuring New York Classics. At Pegu Club on May 8th, new twists on New Orleans Classics. In St Louis, a Passport Party Bus organized by HWY 61 Roadhouse will carry guests to the best bars in the city. In San Francisco throughout the week; Elixir, The Drake, and Absinthe Bars will showcase the artistry and history of their Bay Area cocktail tradition, including a Sazerac Happy Hour on Friday May 16th at Elixir. In Chicago; National 27 and The Drawing Room will hold celebrations. In Wash. D.C., a cocktail dinner is planned on May 12th at Proof. And as far away as Sydney, AU, Pernod cocktails, canapés, and music at Hugo’s Lounge on May 13th 6:30 to 9:30.

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