Weekly news update

San Francisco Chronicle:
Flowers make the drink in SF.
It would be easy to attach Jacqueline Patterson’s fixation on flowers to her gender. After all, the bar manager at Orson in San Francisco is among the minority in the Bay Area’s prominently male mixology scene. The problem with that argument is she gets a lot of her flowers from Orson’s chef de cuisine and pastry chef. Both are men. (more…)

The Los Angeles Times:
Pisco and cachaca make it in LA.
Chefs and bartenders are getting into the festive spirit of the classic South American drinks with fresh ingredients that pack a fruity, fragrant panache. (more…)

The Washington Post:
The hunt for the Green Fairy.
After more than 90 years, absinthe has returned to area bars. Loved by Oscar Wilde and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, rumored to drive men crazy and cause vivid hallucinations, absinthe was banned in the United States in 1912 and in most Western countries because of its alleged psychoactive properties. But restrictions were lifted last year, and drinkers can once again consume the luminous green liqueur known as the "green fairy." (more…)

Eric Felton for The Wall Street Journal:
What makes Hemingway’s Daiquiri.
Lillian Ross made her career with a New Yorker profile of Ernest Hemingway that suggested his thirst was prodigious. And she made John O’Hara mad: "The most recent, and most disgusting, example of the intrusions into Hemingway’s private life was made by a publication that reported on Hemingway’s drinking habits, somewhat in the manner of a gleeful parole officer," complained the man who had all but invented the New Yorker-style short story. "But for Eustace Tilley to raise an eyeglass over anybody’s drinking is one for the go-climb-a-lamppost department." (more…)

RFID Journal:
Will radio frequency id systems replace skilled bartenders?.
May 19, 2008—Several bars and restaurants have been employing radio frequency identification to teach employees how to accurately and consistently pour a mixed drink. (more…)

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