Weekly news update

Arizona Republic:

Herbs, vegetables infuse cocktails with adventure.

When Robert Plotkin heard that Scottsdale’s Four Seasons was garnishing its caprese cocktail with mozzarella, he felt as if the upscale resort had jumped the shark. (more…)

Arizona Republic:
Incredible, edible cocktails.
In sensible slacks and a button down shirt, the clean-shaven Todd DeSilva doesn’t look trendy. But the beverage director is actually on the cutting edge of a national nightlife movement: Edible cocktails. (more…)

Chicago Daily Herald:

Food finds its spirit mate at last – the hard stuff.

Cocktails and food have always gone together – just ask the folks who make a living from the sale of green olives, pickles, celery sticks, lemons, limes and those delicious little pearl onions. (more…)

New Orleans may soon have an ‘official’ cocktail.
The idea of naming an alcoholic beverage as an official state symbol didn’t sit well with most Louisiana state senators, who a few weeks ago voted down an attempt to make the Sazerac the official state cocktail. (more…)

Trinidad and Tobago Express:
UK bartender tops cocktail challenge.
Jamie Stephenson of Drinks International in the United Kingdom is the winner of the Angostura & Drinks International Global Cocktail Challenge. (more…)

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