Weekly news update

Associated Press:

Organic alcohol sparks new cocktail trend.

Call it hedonistic environmentalism. Or maybe just eco-conscious imbibing. Either way, those who want their dirty martini to be a little cleaner are increasingly pouring organic spirits into their glass. (more…)

Washington Post:
A lighter way to mix it up.
Over the past year, there has been plenty of talk in bar and restaurant circles about wine-based cocktails. Some people in the industry have even coined the term "winetails," I guess mainly because people can’t resist coining ridiculous terms. (more…)


Calling all bartenders! Do you have what it takes to compete?

Bartenders from across the nation will have the opportunity to compete to participate in the Cocktail World Cup in New Zealand. (more…)

London Telegraph:
Rebujito: the cocktail just what the doctor ordered.
Granted, this is not the most pressing issue facing the legislature, but still alive (though barely) is the proposal to name the Sazerac as the state’s official cocktail. Early in the session the idea ran into flak from mostly upstate lawmakers who saw evil in giving sanction to an alcoholic drink. (more…)

South Mississippi Sun Herald :

Cocktail revolution rolls on.

Diageo survey shows Americans continue to value quality cocktails despite economic downturn, venue choice also shown to be critical. (more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:
Egg white cocktails going over easy.
As a habitual dieter, I’ve eaten more than my fair share of egg whites, but one thing I could never do was drink egg white protein shakes. Maybe it’s because my mother feared salmonella poisoning and still fully cooked our eggs. Whatever the case, something about consuming raw eggs made me queasy – until a trip back east.. (more…)

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