Museum Progress

by Jill DeGroff

I’ve been in New Orleans for the past week helping Ted with the new exhibit for the Museum of the American Cocktail.  "It is part Museum, part bar, part Victorian bordello!" exclaims Curator Ted "Dr. Cocktail" Haigh,  undoubtedly the PT Barnum of the cocktail world! "The story of the cocktail is really the story of American history in microcosm."

The new exhibit will be located inside the Southern Food & Beverage Museum at the Riverwallk Marketplace at 1 Poydras Street, a few blocks away form the French Quarter, and just next to the convention center. I am happy to report that the Riverwalk is buzzing with shoppers and tourists. It is also where the cruise ships come in so there are regularly large groups of tourists pouring in from the pier.

I have no doubt that the Museum will be a great success and that we will create an international hub of mixology here, while also spurring tourism back to the grand city of New Orleans. And when I say WE, I mean all of you- every single member and sponsor of MOTAC. So thank you again for your support!

Here are some pictures of the build out:


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