Weekly news update

Shreveport Times:

More trouble for the ‘official state cocktail.’

Some Louisiana legislators balk at naming the Sazerac the offical cocktail of the state. (more…)

Mr. Cocktail?
When it comes to the art of bartending, Jackson Cannon sets the standard in Boston. (more…)


Molecular cocktails’ break into New York’s nightlife.

Calcium chloride, carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen — you wouldn’t expect the stuff that you played with in chemistry class to find its way into your evening cocktail. Yet creative mixologists around the city are using science to invent new drinks for their menus. (more…)

Cocktails & (sepia-hued) Dreams
Clover Club’s Julie Reiner serves swizzles, royales and other old-timey drinks to thirsty Brooklyn. (more…)


Meet Your Mixologist: Jackee Princeau

In a saloon town such as San Francisco, the bartender plays a crucial role. Confessor, friend, sounding board — the man or woman behind the plank sees to it that our needs are met with elegance, grace and often wit. (more…)

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