Weekly news update

San Francisco Chronicle:

The cocktail divide: West Coast and East Coast cocktail cultures couldn’t be more different – right?

The cocktail divide: West Coast and East Coast cocktail cultures couldn’t be more different – right?
Like true sons and daughters of the hippie generation, the young bartenders of San Francisco tend toward organic cocktails filled with homegrown this and hand-fed that. Their creative juices are sweetened only with the pure agave nectar.(more…)

Wall Street Journal:
No kidding, it’s good.
Loretta Lynn’s 2004 disc, "Van Lear Rose," was a remarkably modern-sounding record for the country-music veteran, thanks to the production and guitar-work of the White Stripes’ Jack White. But for all the fashionably zitherish keening of the guitars, the CD’s most popular song starts off with a paean to an anachronistic drink. "Well, Portland Oregon and Sloe Gin Fizz," sings the coal miner’s daughter, "if that ain’t love then tell me what is."(more…)


Tales of the Cocktail 2008

Tales of the Cocktail is creeping up, and tickets are still available for the New Orleans food and drink (or, rather, drink and food) festival.(more…)

News Tribune:
Brazilian cocktail Caipirinha catches on.
For 21 years I’ve watched this lovely little cocktail coyly circle the bar hoping to be noticed. When you marry a Brazilian, the potent lime and sugar cane cocktail automatically becomes the house drink. But it’s only in the last year or two that the caipirinha has been showing up on local bar menus.(more…)


KC pub crawl proves illuminating.

An Irish lass jigged on a tabletop. A cowgirl in a black bra danced on a bar. At the club next door, guys and girls with spiked hair and inked bodies writhed to a pulsating techno beat.(more…)

Meet your mixologist.
his week, everyone here at Team Cocktail is a little sweet on bartender Robert Schramm. He keeps the masses happy at Slide, the former speakeasy so named because you can actually take a slide from the second level to the first. (more…)

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