Weekly news update

Chicago Herald :

Shake things up with a Raleigh Collins.

Michael Waterhouse, of Manhattan’s Devin Tavern, concocts a summer sipper (more…)

Chicago Tribune:
Museum raises glass to the cocktail
Buzz about the grand opening of the Museum of the American Cocktail space in New Orleans ramps up. (more…)

ABC News :

More coverage of the Museum’s opening.

In New Orleans, cocktails are serious business. What better town for a temple to the tasty history of the American libation? Many outsiders may get their idea of the Big Easy’s cocktail culture from the jumbo-sized plastic cups of punch slugged down by tourists on Bourbon Street. But the Museum of the American Cocktail opening in July will focus on the rich history of sophisticated drinks that have been served since Thomas Jefferson was president. (more…)

Washington Post :

I’ll take Manhattan.

H.L. Mencken famously called the martini "the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet." The sonnet, as anyone who took freshman English may remember, is a poem with a specific meter, a structure of exactly 14 lines and a strict rhyme scheme. This being the age of free verse, no one writes sonnets anymore. Which is just as well, since almost no one reads poetry anymore. (more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:
Readers’ Platform: The cocktail divide.
The June 27 Wine section cover story, "The cocktail divide," started a vibrant discussion about cocktails on the comments of the article online. Here’s a selection: (more…)

Hartford Advocate:
Bartender Buddha.
A few questions for Connecticut bartender Jennie Lackey. (more…)

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