Weekly news update


New Orleans museum exalts the art of the cocktail.

Ted Haigh was fascinated by Hollywood’s portrayal of cocktail culture even when he was well shy of legal drinking age. (more…)

Washington Post:
‘Cocktail Geeks’ to the Rescue.
The sixth annual Tales of the Cocktail, held here last weekend, was a mix of academic conference, trade show and, as one bar owner called it, "Star Trek convention for cocktail geeks." (more…)

New Orleans Times-Picayune:

Mastering Tales of the Cocktail with a clear head.

So many seminars, so little time. So many sips, so little capacity.(more…)

New York Times:
In the Big Easy, two cocktails reign.
I’VE been leafing through a bunch of cocktail manuals recently. Aside from the vicarious pleasure, I’ve been trying to figure out the logic of the Louisiana legislature, which, apparently having finished its work with the Hurricane Katrina cleanup, has moved on to the pressing business of selecting an official cocktail for the city of New Orleans. (more…)

Chicago Sun-Times:

Summer sippers.

Your home garden holds the makings for some tasty seasonal drinks (more…)

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