Weekly news update


America’s hardest-drinking cities.

Citizens of Austin and Milwaukee fit the serious boozing profile.(more…)

The Staten Island Advocate:
The award-winning Madrono cocktail is a unique twist on the classic Sherry Cobbler.
ummer is strawberry season, so it was no surprise to find that a sweet drink called Madrono — laced with fresh strawberries — would be named winner in this past year’s U.S. Sherry Cocktail Competition.(more…)

The San Francisco Chronicle:

A little Hanky-Panky in London.

Gary Regan has a drink or three with former Savoy barman Peter Dorelli.(more…)

The Bee:
Bartender in Woodstock “could write a book.”
Now 76 years old, Delores Norris herself has served many stiff drinks. For 31 years she’s been a bartender at Country Bill’s Restaurant and Lounge in Woodstock.(more…)

The Shout (Australia) :

42Below Cocktail World Cup finalists announced.

The six finalists who will represent Australia at the 42Below Cocktail World Cup have been announced, after the Victorian and NSW state finals were held this week.(more…)

Columbus Dispatch:
Expanding thirst for bourbon.
Worldwide demand for whiskey a tonic for makers of the traditionally Southern liquor. (more…)

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