Weekly news update


Blind drunk gets new meaning at Sydney cocktail bar.

Order a cocktail at Sydney’s Zeta Bar and you are likely to find yourself whisked away to a secluded area, blindfolded and fitted with headphones as scented mists are sprayed in your face. (more…)

The Wall Street Journal:
An Olympic cocktail.
Thomas Hicks never would have crossed the finish line in the 1904 Olympic marathon if it hadn’t been for the cocktails he drank on the course — concoctions that nearly killed him.(more…)


Junior Merino mixes magical drinks that `taste like a painting.’

Junior Merino doesn’t call himself the “Liquid Chef” for nothing. He invents original cocktails of utter deliciousness and sophistication, sometimes balancing up to 10 ingredients, making him New York’s most wanted mixologist. (more…)

Who sets the bar when it comes to cocktails: Democrats or Republicans?
urvey of Washington, D.C. watering holes answers key questions on political imbibers. (more…)

The San Francisco Chronicle:

The Truth About Vermouth: The secret ingredient in today’s top cocktails remains misunderstood.

When the trumpets sound and Judgment Day comes, we mortals will have plenty for which to account. (more…)

Things your bartender hates about you and how to stop doing them.
Bartenders are the patient people that spend their weekends making sure yours is great.(more…)

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