Weekly news update


The sort of cocktail to avoid.

An English teenager has vowed never to drink again after a holiday cocktail caused her head to swell to the size of a football. (more…)

Manchester Evening News:
Two from Manchester compete in world cocktail event.
The best bartenders in the world will battle it out to win the coveted Cocktail World Cup next week: an international shake off staged by premium Kiwi vodka 42 Below to find the best combination of mixology and personality on the globe. (more…)

Wichita Eagle:

A cocktail with a-peel.

Brent Sullivan won Wichita’s first Iron Bartender contest with a concoction of gin and banana liqueur.(more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:
The cocktail arena – why so competitive?
Victory in a cocktail contest can elevate a mere mortal bartender to "award-winning mixologist." (more…)


Cocktail of the week: The Sambar Pear Sour

Sambar’s drink sheet is gorgeous. It’s printed on heavy stock, embossed with the bar’s logo. It’s filled with golden-age cocktails like the Jasmine, the Petit Zinc and the Vesper, priced mostly in double digits. I would marry that sheet if I thought I could afford to keep it in the manner to which it’s become accustomed. (more…)

Eat your drink: KC bartender creates edible cocktails.
Forget everything you know about Jell-O shots: Their jiggle. Their gaudy color. Their slurp-it-down and slap-the-bar zaniness. (more…)

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