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42 Below Cocktail World Cup Winner Announced.

After five intense days of cocktail making the winner of the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup has been announced. The three-man London team took away the top honour with their "Ale of Two Cities," a cocktail inspired by the classic English Pint. (more…)

Wall Street Journal:
Prefab mixers: buyer beware.
Williams-Sonoma, geared though it may be to ambitious amateur cooks, seems to think that its customers aren’t up to the rather limited culinary demands of making cocktails. Why else the prominence the store is giving to a new line of bottled cocktail mixes?(more…)

Chicago Tribune:

Fresh take on cocktails.

It’s the holy trinity of the modern food movement. Now those buzzwords are busting out of the frying pan and into the cocktail shaker as home mixologists learn what chefs have known for years: Fresh is best.(more…)

Washington Post Express:
Drink garnishes: Add sass to your glass.
Jars of brightly colored berries, beans and peppers line the back shelves of Arlington’s EatBar. No, the gastropub hasn’t been invaded by a canning-mad housewife. This is actually the pickled, preserved and bottled arsenal of bar manager Gina Chersevani. (more…)

Dowd on Drinks:

Oldies can still be goodies.

Breaking up a house full of stuff can uncover a cache of treasures or a pile of junk. Of course, defining the terms "treasures" and "junk" is a very personal thing. (more…)

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