Weekly news update

San Francisco Chronicle:

Bringing the artisanal cocktail home.

Scott Beattie may no longer be bartending at Cyrus, the Healdsburg restaurant where he helped inspire the term "bar chef" with his devotion to high-quality ingredients and careful attention to technique and tradition. But as an extreme example of the local, seasonal cooking movement…(more…)

USA Today:
Put that in your cup and smoke it.
Smoking cigarettes may no longer be cool in your favorite bar, but smoking cocktails? Now that sounds hot. (more…)


Apotheke’s $195 cocktails, blazing shots of absinthe.

Albert Trummer works out of an old opium den, plays with fire, studies murderers and infuses his own absinthe. Don’t call the cops just yet. Let him make you a drink; in fact, let him make you five.(more…)

Rico Wisner’s Mr. Know-It-All.
On the vidlog Buzzed, Rico Wisner of DC’s Poste Brasserie Moderne shows us how to make a Mr. Know-It-All.(more…)

The Pitch:

KC Bartender’s favorite drink: Scott Beskow and Noah Robinson.

Scott Beskow and Noah Robinson both work at M&S Grill on the Plaza, one of the few scratch bars in Kansas City. Scratch meaning absolutely nothing made from a mix, which explains the huge bowls of oranges and lemons from which both bartenders regularly draw.(more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:
Good wine needs a good drink.
In which the cocktailian discovers wine as a cocktail ingredient. (more…)

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