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Milk & Honey, NYC cocktail mecca, goes from secret to private.

Milk and Honey, the dimly lit railroad bar on Eldridge Street with the fastidiously-prepared cocktails, "reservation only" policy, and unlisted number, blazed the trail for the city’s current wildfire cocktail craze and speakeasy-style bars. (more…)

Martha’s Vineyard Gazette:
Fall Food Festival stirs up spirits, too.
Bartending. The job used to be simple — pour a glass of wine, shake up the occasional martini, pop off a beer cap and call it a night. Not so any more. Today there are career bartenders. Mixologists. Professionals who stir the cocktail to levels of esteem usually reserved for celebrity chefs’ creations.(more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:

Move over vodka, here comes shochu.

Sake? Any sushi aficionado in the Bay Area knows what this is. But ask them if they know what shochu is and you’ll draw some blank stares.(more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:
Midtown Mule gives cocktail hour a kick.
Bartenders from my generation, Baby Boomers, that is, were incredibly creative behind the bar. Without us you might never have tasted a Harvey Wallbanger, for instance. Wouldn’t that have been a shame? We brought the Fuzzy Navel into existence too. And Sex on the Beach. Can you imagine life without Sex on the Beach?(more…)


Drinks firm seeks world’s best bartender.

The luxury division of the world’s biggest alcoholic drinks group Diageo Plc has launched a competition to find the best bartender in the world. (more…)

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