Weekly news update

Kansas City.com:

A great drink mixes past and present.

The intent is to revive an art form that Prohibition nearly killed: Mixology, practiced in a small, out-of the way clubs where ambiance and the quality of the cocktail’s ingredients are fully appreciated, like a fine meal.(more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:
Original gin: Older styles find their way back into cocktails
Most brands of gin on the market fall into one of two camps: juniper-forward London dry; or lighter, floral and citrusy gins. But the gin we read about in pre-Prohibition cocktail books is usually neither of these styles.(more…)

Washington Post:

Inexpensive bottles to help keep you afloat.

Hey, have you heard the one about the failing economy? As we sink further toward a recession, people probably will be drinking more. It’s not just a cliche, it’s fact: Historically, sales of alcoholic beverages grow during recessions..(more…)

Minnesota’s Brian Zachau wins west division title of T.G.I. Friday’s world bartender championship.
Zachau of the Maple Grove, Minnesota’s T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant defeated other top mixologists from across the west to advance to the finals of Friday’s championship.(more…)

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