Weekly news update

Seattle Times:

At Tini Bigs, a tale of transforming cocktails.

The new cocktail menu at Tini Bigs marks the return of Jamie Boudreau, one of Seattle’s most talked-about bartenders.(more…)

Baltimore Sun:
Joe the Plumber cocktail debuts on campaign trail.
Newly famous plumber inspires new drink, probably the first of many.(more…)

Richmond Style Weekly:

Bartender fired after blog on mayor’s drinking.

Don’t kiss and tell. Loose lips, they say, sink ships. Just ask Jack Lauterback, a blogger who doubles as a bartender at local restaurants such as Havana ’59.(more…)

New York Magazine:
Char No. 4 bartender Jeff Galli rides the bourbon renaissance.
Bartender Jeff Galli developed an interest in bourbons by working in restaurants while attending Rutgers. So he lucked out when a sommelier friend at Cru learned about a pioneering whiskey bar coming to Carroll Gardens called Char No. 4.(more…)

Alabama Enterprise Ledger:

Bartender’s recipe leaves judges shaken and stirred.

Lizzy Keister, a Rawl’s Restaurant bartender, won a Canadian Mist cocktail competition with her “Slice of the Pie” cocktail. (more…)

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