World Cocktail Week Celebrations at Chantanee Thai in Bellevue Washington

Bellevue, the sister city of Seattle, which often likes to put on airs, but has pretty much been a laggard when it comes to anything even approaching a good drink, recently got a wake-up call when Donald Brady re-opened the Chantanee Thai restaurant with an exquisite "craft" bar firmly established at its heart.

Andrew Bohrer,  the head bartender, has gathered a crack team to help him execute world-class drinks, the likes of which Bellevue has never before seen. His back-bar contains a dizzying array of carefully selected products, which he uses to serve many long-forgotten classics, as well as expertly balanced new creations.

Last Thursday night (May 7th, 2009), Chantanee Thai’s Naga bar participated in the celebrations for World Cocktail Week by pulling together a special menu which featured a cocktail flight, pairing three individual cocktails with special selected dishes:

Ueno San
Makers Mark, Lillet Blanc, Carpano Antica and peach bitters, served on the rock with an orange zest.
– Served with a fresh salad roll

Suffering Bastard
Makers Mark, Plymouth Gin, fresh lime, house made ginger beer, float of Galiano served on the rocks in a tiki mug.
– Served with Thai spiced hot wings

Dragonfly Julep
Plymouth Gin, Domaine de Canton, fresh lime, muddled sage, and Laphroaig Cask Strength, served over crushed ice.
– Served with House made Esan Sausage

I have placed some picture from that night, as well as a rendition of their menu here.

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