Weekly news update

New York Times:

Absinthe, beyond the mystique

Since the resumption of the absinthe trade in 2007, its hipness quotient has taken a few hits — ouch! No longer the stuff of romantic poets and impressionists, absinthe is now apparently as uncool and contrived as the account executives and would-be hipsters who favor it.(more…)

New York Times:

Vodka dead? Not so fast

When Nathan Freeburg is sizing up a bar, he looks for a few crucial signposts of quality: fresh juices, rather than pre-made sour mix; bottled bitters and chilled glasses in evidence; and the bartenders’ use of jiggers, to measure a drink’s ingredients. Oh, and one more thing: “A lack of vodka."(more…)

World Records Academy:

Fastest bartender-world record set by Chris Raph

Chris Raph, 31, the bar manager at The Shout House Dueling Pianos bar, poured 662 cocktails in one hour-setting the world record for fastest the Fastest Bartender.(more…)

Dayton Daily News:

Recession good for bartending schools

Tonjia Hogan and Nancy Brown lost their jobs. Now they are taking on the new profession as bartenders, a job they hope may be a little more recession-proof.(more…)


Cocktails go green

The new trend for so-called green cocktails embraces fresh ingredients and eschews preservative-infused staples like maraschino cherries and frozen margarita mix.(more…)


Four D.C. Bars Earn ‘Top
100’ Honors

Four D.C. area bars have made the list of the top 100 bars in the country, according to Food & Wine magazine.(more…)

Gisborne Herald:

New bartender has cocktail ideas aplenty

If you have half a bottle of Midori, half a bottle of vodka and a hipflask of schnapps but no idea what to make with it, two Gisborne guys should have the answer.(more…)


"SF Cocktail Week" kicks off; startenders about town more hungover than usual

Last night marked the opening gala of the third annual San Francisco Cocktail Week celebration — a week in which Bay Area barmeisters mix and mingle with mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts from around the nation.(more…)

7×7 Magazine:

"SF Cocktail Week’s" top five

My Number 2 Cocktail Week event is not necessarily an SFCW exclusive, since the folks at Alembic do this periodically. But seeing as you’re in an especially heightened state of cocktail awareness, it’s a great time to participate in this event.(more…)

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