Weekly news update

New York Times:

Ginger Ale without the can.

Ginger Ale is an age-old remedy for sick children and grown-ups alike. Now, homemade ginger ale is appearing on drink menus across the country under happier circumstances. (more…)

Wine Enthusiast Magazine:
Between grape and grain: Wine cocktails
Sometimes you just can’t decide between a martini and a Malbec. What to do? Opt for a wine cocktail. (more…)


The Last Word cocktail reborn.

Ever have a recipe that makes you want to run to the kitchen and start cooking immediately? (more…)


Detroit’s cocktail conquers world.

A long-dormant drink that was created in Detroit has cocktail fans raving from Seattle to Sydney. And it’s finally returned to its hometown. (more…)

Seattle Times:

Cocktail, or beverage? Your call: What’ll it be?

These days the options are endless and the answer to that question depends, of course, on where I’m drinking. (more…)

Nashua Telegraph:

Beer cocktail pairs well with Latino dishes.

Latino food is hot. Often figuratively, sometimes literally. So what do you drink with it? In Mexico and Cuba, one of the top choices since the 1950s has been the michelada cocktail, and the trend is inching north. (more…)

Louisville Courier-Journal:

Return of the classic cocktail.

Joy Perrine has seen a lot of drinks, gimmicks and gadgets come and go in her 43 years of bartending, and while she hopes many never return, she’s immensely pleased to witness the comeback of such classic cocktails as the Manhattan, the Mojito, the Old-Fashioned and the whiskey sour. (more…)

New York Magazine:

What the bartender knows.

Pickup moves that work, drinks that will get you laughed at, and how, now and then, they rip you off. A survey of 33 barkeeps. (more…)

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