Weekly news update

Boston Herald:

Drink specials: Barbara Lynch’s new lounge tailors cocktails to customers

At Drink, the new Fort Point Channel cocktail lounge from No. 9 Park chef/owner Barbara Lynch, you don’t so much order a libation as negotiate it. While the bartenders can mix all the old favorites, they prefer to fix you a cocktail based on your likes and dislikes and how you’re feeling. (more…)


Classic cocktails give drinkers a sip of the past.

More bargoers are skipping the Cosmo in favor of old-school drinks. (more…)

The Wall Street Journal:

Did They Monkey With the Recipe?

Dr. Deaver proclaimed himself to be “strongly opposed to such customs, believing that they are the root of the evil,” and he singled out for disapprobation the Caruso cocktail, calling it “the latest innovation.” (more…)

Washington Post:

Recipe: Espresso Cocktail

Adapted from a recipe by mixologist Dale DeGroff, in "The Grappa Handbook," by Marcin Miller (Quercus Communications, 2008). (more…)

Boston Globe:

Cheers to summertime cocktail parties

Too many alfresco summer parties revolve around a case of Corona, a few limes, and a bag of Tostitos. Which can be fine – once. But outdoor soirees are a chance to get imaginative with your bar selections, your decor, even your party theme. (more…)


Mahiki Is Named Best Bar, Serves $1,000 Cocktail: Out in London.

Mahiki, home to royal revelers and tropical cocktails, was named Best Bar at the London Club & Bar Awards. (more…)


The Cocktail Staycation

Armchair travel is a lot more fun with a few drinks. (more…)

Express from The Washington Post:

Garden of delights: Herb infused cocktails

The next time you’re out on a bar’s patio, take a sniff around; you may just spot some of your drink’s starring ingredients. (more…)

San Jose Mercury News:

Cocktail Chronicles: the new Tanq.

Tanq, which opened in March, rises above the usual ho-hum vibe of hotel bars by picking an underwater theme and running with it. (more…)

CBS Show:

Spring Cocktails To Wow Your Guests.

On The Early Show Thursday, bar managers from three top New York City restaurants owned by Danny Meyer were on hand to show how to craft their cocktail creations from his new book, "Mix Shake Stir." (more…)

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