Weekly news update

San Francisco Chronicle:

Cooking up the manliest rum-based cocktail

An e-mail sent to a handful of cocktail geeks recently asked a question of earth-shattering importance: "What would you say is the manliest rum-based cocktail?" (more…)


Learning to create alcoholic alchemy

Philadelphia barkeeps, in a wonderland of spirits, are tutored in creating alcoholic alchemy. The results are coming soon to an eatery near you. (more…)

Digital City:

The King Of Cocktails chats about Belmont & its breeze

Gourmet mixologist, cocktail expert and the King of Cocktails Dale DeGroff honed his skills behind some famous bars, including the one at The Rainbow Room. (more…)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Spirits: Drink up history at the Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans

All the other cities just make cocktails. New Orleans invented them. (more…)

New York Times:

Bar? What Bar?

On a nondescript block in Williamsburg, not far from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, a new bar and restaurant called Rye opened last week. Try to find it. (more…)

New York Times:

Take a sip of history.

The old-fashioned may finally be earning its name. One of the most venerable of whiskey-based cocktails, it has a history that stretches back farther than the martini’s. (more…)

Phoenix New Times:

Summer Guide: Shaking it up with Valley mixologists

When I was young, a drink was just a drink — and the cheaper it was, the better. (more…)

Wall Street Journal:

A Distinctly Western Cocktail

Roger Angell, the editor and sportswriter at the New Yorker whose mother, Katharine S. White, and stepfather, E.B. White, were also New Yorkerites, has traveled in cosmopolitan circles that care about cocktails. In his memoir “Let Me Finish,” Mr. Angell muses about how he and his friends used to obsess over the making of their postwar Martinis: “Preciousness almost engulfed us, back then.” (more…)

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