Weekly news update

The Moment of the New York Times:

Now Infusing: Bittermens’ Bitters (Plus D.I.Y. Recipe)

Sometimes what you do after work can lead to a new career. Take Avery and Janet Glasser. They were just hearty drinkers at a San Francisco bar when a strange sequence of events landed them at Distillery 209, the makers of 209 Gin. (more…)

The Washington Post:

Better Tiki than Tacky

Drinking trends come and go, but tiki will always be with us. It keeps returning every few years or so, like the mustache or animal-print fabric. (more…)

The Times-Picayune:

Tales of the Cocktail ‘Spirited Dinner’ tickets on sale.

Tales of the Cocktail, a local festival of drink that draws progressive, enlightened imbibers from across the country, is still a month away. But tickets for its Spirited Dinners, the cocktail mavens’ answer to a multi-course, paired wine dinner, go on sale today. (more…)

Wall Street Journal:

A cocktail for what ails you

What is this Rock and Rye that serves as a metaphor for a balm in a barren wilderness? A drink of rye whiskey sweetened with rock candy and perhaps some fruits and bitter herbs, Rock and Rye was once believed to be a cure-all for the common cold. (more…)


Philly is hosting the Olympics!

Its official, Philadelphia is hosting the Olympics. I don’t know who we had to bribe, or who’s sleeping with who, but Philadelphia… is home… to the 2009 MOJITO OLYMPICS! (more…)


Dazzle your friends with these bartending tricks

Add a jigger of showmanship and a splash of entertainment to your next party. Scott Young takes show-stopping, bottle-flipping bartending to the extreme. (more…)

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