Weekly news update

Los Angeles Times:

Don’t forget to take your medicine: A cocktail from the Pharmacie

The Pharmacie, a series of roving, invite-only cocktail parties (more underground than even the Roger Room?), kicked off last Sunday evening. (more…)

Daily News:

Bing-a-Ling is winner at New York Cocktail Contest

They shook, strained and stirred their way to the top. (more…)

The Globe and Mail:

Gimme a lager on the rocks with a twist

Once considered déclassé, cocktails that feature beer are gaining converts as bars across the country serve up their own specialties. (more…)

Contra Costa Times:

Night Owl: Ice is the secret behind a perfect cocktail

I’ve been wondering for a while about what the next step in the ever-evolving cocktail culture in the Bay Area possibly could be. Where can connoisseurs go after treating the superiority of Boston shakers, Hawthorn strainers and hand-pressed citrus squeezers? Ice cubes. (Obligatory eye roll here.)

Washington Post:

Will Proof become destination for cocktails as well as wine?

Only a few weeks ago, D.C. cocktail aficionados stared glumly into the bottoms of their Sazeracs, wondering what would replace Adam Bernbach’s wildly inventive (and wildly popular) drinks once he left Bar Pilar. He said he wanted to take a break from the day-to-day business of bartending and managing a restaurant. Well, that didn’t last long. (more…)

New York Times:

A bar with a hypothesis

With Mayahuel, the cocktail lounge he opened in the East Village in May, Philip Ward painstakingly makes his case that tequila and its cousin, mezcal, are not occasions for sunburned debauchery, but rather opportunities for contemplative drinking. (more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:

Bartenders getting choosier about equipment

It could be the way the profession seems made for metaphors, or perhaps it’s the legacy of a particular woodworker who attained superstardom a couple of millennia ago. Whatever the reason, carpenters get all the artisan glory while bartenders are typically left in the shadows. (more…)

Forbes Magazine:

Forbes’ Best Bartenders

It takes more than well-measured ingredients to make a bar visit special. (more…)

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