Weekly news update

Los Angeles Times:

Where does a pirate drink artisanal cocktails? R Bar. Really.

Aaron Barnhart learned the hard way that the artisanal cocktails on offer at R Bar on Monday nights are meant for sipping, not for pounding. (more…)

New York Times:

Cocktails dance on the head of a beer

“Beer” and “cocktails” are usually separated by a comma. But now bartenders are experimenting with crossover drinks that marry beers with spirits, mixers, even wines, going far beyond the shot-and-a-pint boilermaker. (more…)

New York Times:

A speakeasy for speaking easily

Since it opened in February, the Varnish has quickly established itself as a bulwark of the new cocktail culture, that flourishing strain of 1930’s tinged night life that emphasizes covertness — identifying outdoor signs are a big, uncouth no-no — along with fastidiously constructed vintage drinks. (more…)

GQ Magazine (UK):

Mixing it with the ‘liquid chefs’

The most persistent rumour, however, and one repeated only recently in a blog by Andy Morris, is that I don’t like cocktails. (more…)


‘Bar chefs’ try a fresh take on cocktails

They comb farmers markets and organic-food stores in search of the freshest fruits, vegetables and herbs. Only produce with the most vibrant color at the peak of ripeness will do, they insist.
Are they executive chefs at top dining establishments? Not exactly. They are the bartenders.

Journal Sentinel:

Wine cocktails add sophisticated refreshment to summer

If you are willing to think outside the box – that’s the box of Chardonnay in the fridge – you might want to give wine cocktails a try. These mixed drinks are catching on as summer refreshers. (more…)

Sun Coast News:

Kumquat cocktail has roots in Pasco County

Growing up in Darby, Drew Long had tasted his share of kumquats. He wasn’t a fan. The tiny, tart citrus fruit may be the pride of Dade City, but to a little boy who tried it on a dare, it was just plain bitter. A few more tastes were enough to leave him with an ingrained bias against the fruit. (more…)

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