Tales from “Tales of the Cocktail.”

The Times-Picayune:

Tales of the Cocktail says gin

What I don’t know about gin is a lot. I love a good gin and tonic or a gimlet on a hot summer day, but when the bartender asks me which gin I’d prefer, I’m always fall back on the one or two I know. So, I thought I’d check out "The Cocktails that Made Gin Famous" at Tales of the Cocktail 2009 at the Hotel Monteleone. (more…)

Las Vegas Weekly:

Pour soul

The Bartender’s Breakfast signifies the end of Tales 2009 and the end of a cocktail’s era (more…)

New York Times:

Tales of a Cocktail: Sampling Sazeracs in New Orleans

The five-day cocktail convention that invades New Orleans’s French Quarter every July is a way for the country’s mixologists to connect, learn, unwind and, of course, drink. By Day 4, even the most hard-core bartender wants the party to end, which is saying a lot. (more…)


Tales of the Cocktail wraps up in New Orleans

Asian-influenced cocktails, beer and bitters were the topics of the final day of Tales of the Cocktail, the four-day, New Orleans-based festival that celebrated and informed about mixed drinks. (more…)

National Post:

Five things we learned at the big annual cocktail conference in New Orleans

You can learn a lot about drinking by spending four days in New Orleans during Tales of the Cocktail, an annual taste-making and trend-setting conference for bartenders, booze marketers, people who write about drinks and civilians obsessed with spirits and cocktails. (more…)

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