Weekly news update

Philadelphia Daily News:

Farm-fresh cocktails: Bartenders turn to fruit, herbs for inspiration

The next time you visit your local farmers market or produce section, don’t just think about salads. Think about cocktails. (more…)

New York Times:

A Speakeasy that’s not so secret

These days, you can go to into any bar and order a “Manhattan” — but what about a “Bronx?” (more…)

New York Times:

Raising the bar: Cocktails come home

As the great cocktail revival continues to sweep the nation, bartenders in the thick of it are discovering a new niche: the cocktail caterer. And here we do not mean the guy in the polyester monkey suit pouring Captain and Cokes at your cousin’s wedding. We mean professional mixologists who take their ice and shakers very, very seriously. (more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:

San Francisco bartender pairs cocktail with cocktail dress

Many cocktail contests now require bartenders to pair drinks with meals or invent them on the spot with a secret ingredient, but a recent competition challenged mixologists around the world with a new pairing: cocktails with cocktail dresses. (more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:

Historic "Cocktail Bill Boothby" book

Why does "Cocktail Bill" Boothby get short shrift in San Francisco drinking history? Perhaps because the original edition of his 1891 book, "Cocktail Boothby’s American Bar-Tender," had all but vanished. (more…)

San Jose Mercury News:

No more mojito! We’re ready for a new summer cocktail

It’s one of the divine pleasures of warmer days: backyard barbecuing or sunning at a patio bar, a cocktail in hand. But this summer, we don’t want that cocktail to be a mojito. After more than a decade of downing the rum-mint-and-lime concoctions, we are parched for something new. (more…)

Seattle Weekly:

Ask the Bartender: Vermouth shelf life?

It’s that time of week when we answer the questions you’re too drunk or shy to ask… (more…)

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