Weekly news update

Journal Record:

Tending to business

Skilled bartenders have always intrigued Garrett Blackwood. (more…)

Los Angeles Times:

A new calling for a bold band of bartenders

Armed with a cocktail shaker and a dream, Marcos Tello is on a mission to elevate the profession of bartending. (more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:

Every cocktail needs a good yarn

When considering the virtues of a new cocktail, there are certain aspects that must be taken into consideration. Do the ingredients marry well? Do they harmonize, or does one spirit or liqueur mask other components? If so, there’s no point to a hidden ingredient being in the drink at all, right? (more…)

Washington Post:

ISO My Summertime Cocktail

When I’m working (i.e., traveling and drinking), there are times when I feel a little like that woman in Ernest Hemingway’s classic short story "Hills Like White Elephants." (more…)

Los Angeles Times:

New Orleans is drinking better lately

Reporting from New Orleans — Anyone invoking the world’s great drinking cities has to place New Orleans pretty close to the top. (more…)

Washington Times Post:

Cocktail culture is back

Fresh ingredients, better bartenders. (more…)

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