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Bartenders who farm

Is this the next logical step in the modern cocktail movement? (more…)

Los Angeles Times:

Another round, bartender, and make it vitamin-infused

The problem with cocktail hour, we’ve always thought, is that it lacks good nutrition. Sure, the five olives you downed with your martini count for something, but do those pimientos really provide minimum daily requirements of anything? (more…)

Los Angeles Times Blog:

The Chartreuse Sweet 16 Competition: 16 bartenders, four rounds, 30 cocktails

The Carthusian monks who produce Chartreuse might not blanch at the prospect of having to taste 30 cocktails made with their secret-recipe herbal liqueur. (more…)


Carnivorous cocktails put meat in your glass

First you cook the bacon, remove the fat and tear it into pieces. It sounds like the start of a nice breakfast, but it’s actually the first part of mixologist Adam Seger’s Baconcello recipe. (more…)


Who’s the Best Bartender in the World?

It’s not a profession renowned for its gravitas but a select group of bartenders in Berlin this week were taking drinking very seriously indeed. (more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:

Was Graham Greene a heinous mixologist?

I’d never heard of the Graham Greene cocktail, but thanks to today’s fabulous search engines, it wasn’t long before I found an article informing me that "Graham Greene arrived (at Hanoi’s Sofitel Metropole) in 1951 for the first of many visits during which he penned ‘The Quiet American’ and was a correspondent for Paris Match magazine." (more…)


Chemistry to enhance classic cocktails

So, do you put in the spirits or mix first? Can the kind of ice you use make a difference? Should the drink be shaken or stirred? (more…)

San Diego Union Tribune:

Slush fun

Slushies inarguably rank as a timeless childhood antidote against the summer heat. (more…)

Boston Herald:

How to sip flower garden

At bars across the country, there are so many flowers in bloom that this season might go down as the summer of love. Bartenders, though, are not spending gauzy afternoons threading tiny daisy necklaces while the Mamas and the Papas play softly on the stereo. Instead, they are indulging in floral cocktails that seem designed to make even the most serious-minded customers blush. (more…)


Bartender shakes it up with local flavor

The desert doesn’t sound like the most inspirational place for a professional mixologist, but you wouldn’t get that from spending time with Dan Thomas. (more…)

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