Weekly news update

Associated Press:

World’s oldest bartender, 95, is retiring in Pennsylvania.

Guinness World Records dubbed him the longest-serving bartender a decade ago, and he’s earned induction into Jim Beam’s Bartender Hall of Fame and numerous other honors. Now 95, he’s calling it quits. (more…)

New York Times:

Like a salad in the cocktail

Long the stars of farmers’ markets, heirloom tomatoes have caught bartenders’ fancies in a major way. The result is a slew of tomato-based cocktails that leave the Bloody Mary way, way behind. (more…)

Los Angeles Times:

Cool summer cocktails

A hot, sunny summer calls for icy, cold drinks . . . and summer’s not quite over yet. (more…)

San Francisco Chronicle:

More bars growing own cocktail ingredients

Victoria D’Amato-Moran grows tomatoes, Asian pears, Fuji apples, blackberries, roses and many herbs in her South San Francisco garden. Sooner or later, everything in it winds up in her cocktails. (more…)


Better together: What to drink with hotdogs

A staple of summer barbecues and lunch carts, the hot dog usually gets washed down with a beer or soda.…But in this era of artisanal everything, upscale dogs with gourmet toppings — such as manchego cheese and garlic or bacon and avocado — a fancy cocktail may be a better match. (more…)

Baltimore Sun:

Should bars list prices on their fancy cocktail menus?

I’ve always had a problem with bars and restaurants that don’t list the price of their drinks. (more…)

Village Voice Blog:

Hi-Fi still a dive, only now with fancy cocktails

What’s this city coming to when even dive bars have to start serving signature cocktails? (more…)

Chicago Tribune:

Bill would stop minors from drinking in bars

Children could no longer drink in Wisconsin bars and restaurants under a bill scheduled to be heard Tuesday by a state Assembly committee. (more…)

New York Times:

Have ginger, will mix

A few days ago, I had a bottle of ginger beer from Fever Tree, a sort of high-end producer of sodas and mixers. I loved it – it was intensely gingery, very spicy, and reminded me of house-made ginger beers I had tasted in Jamaican restaurants. (more…)

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