Weekly news update

San Francisco Chronicle:

One bourbon cocktail for the Rhodie

I’ve had serial relationships with specific spirits since I graduated from college. At that time I was a Scotch guy, liking my cocktail served with a splash of water and twist of lemon. Then in the 1990s, I switched to vodka… (more…)

Daily Press:

Cocktails to nibble, drink

There’s always a reason to throw a party. But now the best reason of all is to show off edible cocktails — gorgeous jiggly cubes or slices or pyramids that you serve like hors d’oeuvres. They’re making a splash at bars and restaurants and on the party circuit. (more…)

The Moment from NY Times :

Inside out: Here’s to cocktail trays

A drinks tray breathes life into a room. It is so easy to put together, and it immediately gives a living room the sense that living indeed goes on there. Much like bookcases, a drinks tray adds depth, is welcoming to the visitor and gives a few clues to the tastes of the inhabitants. (more…)

Washington Post:

A Peruvian cocktail

Never refuse a free drink. A sound policy, but my commitment is wavering as a Peruvian Woody Allen look-alike (same physique, head shape and beady, bemused gaze) leads me around an oddly appointed brandy cellar, doling out shots of liquor from centuries-old clay casks. (more…)


A vodka made in our state from corn? Dah!

Local food fans certainly appreciate the late-summer bounty of the Hoosier state. They wax poetic about heirloom tomatoes, they shop farmers markets for Indiana fruits and vegetables, they search out locally raised meats. They’ve even created a weeklong acknowledgment of what Indiana food producers have to offer. (more…)

Huffington Post:

For the perfect End-Of-Summer Cocktail, keep it simple: In praise of the gin & tonic

Given the tendency of many mixologists — or "craft bartenders" as I’ve heard they now like to be called — to include complicated and hard-to-find ingredients in their cocktail creations, I was intrigued when an invitation came down the pike to attend a talk/demo about the humble gin & tonic, sponsored by Tanqueray and featuring globe-trotting brand ambassador Angus Winchester. I mean, how much can you say about a drink with two ingredients? (more…)

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