Weekly news update

San Francisco Chronicle:

A Facebook friend and the Claridge Cocktail

Last time I checked I had 1,278 friends, though I haven’t actually met most of them. Luckily, though, the good folk who run Facebook keep track of them for me, and from time to time I get messages from bartenders in India, Slovakia – the birthplace, I kid you not, of more than a few world-class mixologists – or, as happened this month, Minneapolis. (more…)

Wall Street Journal:

Restaurants dangle cheaper drinks but risk watering down their profits

Restaurant chains, hit hard by the economic downturn, are walking a tight-rope, dangling cheap alcoholic drinks to attract customers at the risk of diluting some of their most profitable sales. (more…)

New York Times Blog:

All-Stars behind the bar

If you’re wondering where your favorite bartender has disappeared to this weekend, check the Astor Center in the East Village. (more…)

New York Times:

A liquid keepsake

The signature cocktail at wedding receptions — a novelty 10 years ago, when brides besotted with “Sex and the City” began calling for Cosmopolitans all around — has gone, in the last few years, from optional to almost obligatory. (more…)


Manhattans and more: Great fall cocktails

Fall fruit, a touch of spice, and some excellent booze are the perfect way to ring in cool weather. Toast the season with a few of these autumn-inspired sensations. (more…)


Halloween party ideas: Glasses and stemware as mindblowing as the cocktails

You are hosting a Halloween party this year. You’re getting beer, wine, adult beverages and might even mix a homemade witches brew (i.e.-alcohol and a shot of punch). What are you going to serve them in? (more…)

Seattle Times:

Happy Hour | Oliver’s Twist will make you want another

Outside of Ballard, the best bar to grab a cocktail up north is Oliver’s Twist in Phinney Ridge. I heard cocktail geeks make that pronouncement three years ago, and I’m convinced it still rings true now. It’s still consistent, and it still concocts stuff like rhubarb tarragon syrup. (more…)

Kansas City Star:

Technology is in the mix for cocktail aficionados

Technology doesn’t come easy to me. I prefer trolling stores for hard-to-find bottles and old cocktail books to browsing the Internet. I like talking to bartenders and soaking up bar lore by sitting at the bar. But technology makes it increasingly easy to figure out what to drink and how to drink it, and that’s a good thing. (more…)

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