Weekly news update

Washington Post:

The murky depths of old-school cocktails

Twenty-nine months ago, I published a recipe for the Aviation Cocktail, a classic drink from the early 20th century and one of my favorites. At the time, I called for gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice and maraschino liqueur, all stirred over ice and served in a cocktail glass. I also wrote that no one really knew why this drink was called the Aviation. Well, it turns out I was all wrong. (more…)


Uncorked: The worst bartender in Milwaukee

What’s so special about bartenders? They’re just people cowering behind the safety of a 4-foot barrier who tip a bottle of liquid upside down and pour it into a glass. Your total interaction with them can be as little as a minute or two. How hard can it be? (more…)

The Atlantic:

The World on the Rocks

People serious about cocktails are often afflicted with one quaint obsession or another, possibly involving vintage shakers or antique bitters. (more…)

Entertainment Weekly:

“Bartender Wars”: Another reason why you wished you had Fine Living Network

Oh, Fine Living Network. You taunt me with the words “Fine Living,” and now, with a show called Bartender Wars. (more…)

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