Repeal Day Ball

Recently, the Washington DC Bartender’s Guild held their 2nd Annual Repeal Day Ball at PS7, with some of the proceeds going to the Museum of the American Cocktail. For more information about the happenings, here are two places to check out:

Dizzy Recap: 2nd Annual Repeal Day Ball in DC.

Selena Ricks runs “The Dizzy Fizz”, which she refers to as a “blogazine” focused on the casual imbiber and serious connoisseur alike. She attended the Repeal Day Ball and provides a great recap of the festivities as well as lots of pictures.

Lush Life Productions

The folks from Lush Life Productions were there as well, and took a bunch of great pictures which really captured the, well, spirit of the event. You can see them on their Facebook photo album here.

(photo by Selena Ricks, “The Dizzy Fizz” blog)

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9 Responses to Repeal Day Ball

  1. Selena says:

    Thanks for The Dizzy Fizz link! The group photo is actually by Leo Borovskiy of Lush Life Productions. Cheers!

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